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Cost-Saving Tips For Your Bathroom Renovation   Cost-Saving Tips For Your Bathroom Renovation

Cost-Saving Tips For Your Bathroom Renovation

Written By: Jaymi Naciri
Monday, August 03, 2020

But, it can be extremely expensive. According to HomeAdvisor, The averagenbsp;bathroom remodel costs 10,528. Most homeowners spend between 6,016 and 15,044. On a large or master bath, you could spendnbsp;25,000nbsp;or more.

But you can do it on a budget. Heres how.

Watch your footprint

You may be envisioning a large, lavish bathroom, but do you have as large, lavish budget? You can keep costs down by going with a smaller footprint. Less square footage means less materials to purchase means less money going out the door. A larger bathroom will likely need a larger vanity, which can be pricier. Additional boxed of flooring, tile, and any other materials you need will also cost you more. Keeping it small may also mean you can find leftover materials at a steep discount.nbsp;

Buy whats on sale

When youre trying to do your bathroom on a budget, an open mind is your best tool. The Carrera marble you have your heart set on might be a huge budget-buster, but you can approximate the look with the Carrera-look porcelain tile thats on sale.nbsp;

Or, maybe, you end up with something else altogether because you didnt anticipate that great subway tile on clearance. Material costs can cause your bottom line to swell, but you can keep your budget in line by making smart purchases.

Keep your plumbing where it is

If you can renovate your bathroom without moving the toilet, shower/bath, or sink, youll save a lot of monyand hassle. The cost to move a toilet or sinks can be 2,500-3,500 per fixture, said Torrance, CA-based Bay Cities Construction. Plumbing can be a significant cost factor in a remodel when a bathroom floor plan is altered. The toilet is the most expensive to move. Connecting the toilet to the existing sewer line can be a bit tricky for your plumber. The sewer-line depends on a slope. The sewer line pipes keep a specific slope to drain well. Another layer of complexity exists if the house is built on a concrete slab versus a raised foundation. Houses with a concrete slab foundation require concrete cutting to >

Go prefab

If you need a custom vanity, your costs can climb into the thousands. But with so many prefab options available, you may not need to consider that type of expense.nbsp;

Check the big box stores

Holiday sales several times a year can mean tremendous savings on everything from vanities to bathtubs to faucets.

Dont be afraid to DIY

When it comes to bathroom vanities, one of the best deals youll find will likely be on unfinished products. We found this unfinished, 60-inch double, shaker->

Be on the lookout in your neighborhood

There have been workmen at the house around the corner that just sold. And theres a trash bin in the driveway of the one across the street. That might mean people around you are renovating. And its also possible that theyre getting rid of some stuff youd be happy to have in your home. You know what they say about one mans trash

Check Amazonnbsp;

Yes, the same place you buy your underwear and your light bulbs may also be a great source for bathroom items. We found this Delta tub and faucet marked down from 124 to 48 and this Westinghouse brushed nickel, three-light fixture on sale from 78 to 53.nbsp;

Think outside of the box

That antique dresser thats collecting dust in the garage or attic might make a gorgeous vanity, and it may even be something you can do yourself.nbsp;


Go ahead and enter vanity or clawfoot tub into the search field of your local Craigslist. You may find nothing, or you may find all manner of cool stuff. Just be sure to abide by some Craigslist best practices to keep yourself, and your money, safe.nbsp;nbsp;

Check surplus stores

If you dont know where one is, Google is your friend. These warehouses have some great bulk deals as well as small-scale bargains you wont find elsewhere.nbsp;

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Updated: Monday, August 03, 2020

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