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Updated: Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kitchen Trends With Staying Power
Written By: Barbra Bright, Houzz Contributor

As a designer, I pay attention to trends that come and go in kitchen design. And there are a lot of new options to consider. But I tell my clients that the key is always to consider whether whats trending will actually function for your kitchen. So lets take a look at some of the current trends that I would argue are among the best options to in...

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Thoughtful Hostess Gift Ideas You Wont Want To Forget This Holiday Season
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Millions of people will be getting in a car or on a plane or train to travel to a loved ones home for the holidays in the next few days. Last year, that number was 103 million travelling between December 23 and January 2, according to USA Today. Thats a lot of road, rail, and air traffic, a lot of crowded kitchens, and a lot of hostess gifts to ...

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End Of The Year Money Moves To Make In The Next Few Days
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

There are some pretty straight-forward money moves people make every year at this time to protect what they have and lower their tax obligation. Many of them are still in play, however, the new tax bill that was just signed has also complicated a few things."Add another item to your holiday shopping list: last-minute tax planning," said the Los ...

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California Broker Associates Must Register As Such With The B.R.E.
Written By: Bob Hunt

Effective January 1, 2018, California Real Estate Brokers who are affiliated with a company other than themselves or their own, must notify the Bureau of Real Estate BRE of that affiliation. Such persons are commonly called "Broker Associates". In a recent Frequently Asked Questions FAQ post on the bureaus website, the BRE defines the term this ...

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What To Consider When Downsizing From Your Current Home
Written By: Connie Adair

For people of a certain age, or those whose kids have flown the coop, downsizing may seem a logical next step. However, there are lots of things to consider before making the big move.First, what does downsizing mean to you? It doesnt always mean moving to a smaller home."Downsizing takes on many looks and feels: some people living in large fami...

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All Cash Offer May Be Questionable
Written By: Benny L. Kass

Qustion. I often see advertisements offering "all cash for your house or condo." Some of these ads offer to give monthly payments for equity. What type of guarantee is the seller offered so as to insure that he/she gets the full amount. Suppose the company goes bankrupt? How can these companies offer such benefits as "three times your equity"? Y...

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Tax Bill Causing A Year-End Frenzy To Pre-Pay 2018 Property Taxes
Written By: Super User

The newly passed Republican tax bill is creating end-of-year confusion and anxiety for homeowners. With just a few days left in 2017, many are in a frenzy trying to figure out how they can pay some of their 2018 property taxes now to save money once the bill goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2018.The new tax bill caps the amount you can deduct for sta...

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Why Banks Do Not Lend On Certain Loans That Appear Conservative
Written By: Edward Brown

Ever wonder why banks shy away from loans that appear to be >There are numerous reasons banks avoid making loans that, in general, one would think have a high likelihood of paying back. According to a banker who works for a well known bank, during the mortgage crisis of almost a decade ago, one thread seem to run through all of the bad loans on ...

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Does It Makes Sense To Buy A New House Before Selling The Old One?
Written By: Edward Brown

Youre interested in moving. You need to sell your old house first before buying a new one, right? After all, you dont have enough of a down payment for the new house without selling the old one, and you are pretty certain your bank will not qualify you for two mortgages.You are in a dilemma; houses in your area are currently receiving multiple o...

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PinRaise Agent of the Year: Dana Roberts
Written By: Super User

Earlier this year, PinRaise Inc. launched their innovative Agent with HeartTM Program, which connects real estate agents with local clients and nonprofits to help communities nationally. Despite being the inaugural year of this new program, PinRaise was able to assist hundreds of nonprofits by generating thousands of dollars in real estate donat...

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In Real Estate Everything Is Negotiable
Written By: Benny L. Kass

Question. I am a first time home buyer, and have been pre-approved for a mortgage in the amount of 250,000. I have seen plenty of condominiums in the 300-375.000 range in good move in condition. My problem: where should I start my offer? My realtor is telling me that these prices are too high, and I should start low. What do you advise?Answer. R...

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How To Winterize Your Patio Or Porch
Written By: Pamela Martin

You spent the spring getting your patio or porch looking great and the summer and early fall enjoying it. With winter on the horizon, its time to get your space ready for cold temperatures. Whether the climate is comfortable in February or not, here are a few tips to make sure everything survives the cold season.While you may prefer to winterize...

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The New Tax Plan: When It Comes To Real Estate, Who Wins And Who Loses?
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

We have all heard a lot about the new tax plan, which was approved and sent to President Trump to be signed on Wednesday, Dec. 20. Depending on where your politics lie and your individual financial situation, you may have a positive or negative take on the tax bill. But how does it impact real estate? That also depends on a few things, like wher...

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Many California Brokers Required To Provide Sexual Harassment Training
Written By: Bob Hunt

Americans have variously been entertained and/or disgusted during the past months, as each new news cycle seems to bring a new report of "inappropriate behavior" aka sexual harassment by some well-known public person. The revelations have tended to follow categories of occupation. First it was media, then came government figures. Recently they h...

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Picture Perfect Reserves In Your HOA
Written By: Richard Thompson

A reserve study identifies a homeowner associations future repairs and replacements like a snapshot in time. Imagine that you could picture the buildings and grounds as they would be in five, ten, even thirty years. A reserve study acts just like that by estimating the useful life of the common elements and the cost to replace them in the future...

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Pre-Listing Home Inspection: Key Driver For Home Sellers
Written By: Jeff Williams

Pre-listing home inspections are an important component in the real estate transaction, but are often overlooked by home-sellers.If done properly, the pre-listing home inspection allows sellers to gain a clear understanding of the status of their property. They can then fix any issues before putting the home on the market, or properly set the as...

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House Fires: Less Than Two Minutes To Survive
Written By: PJ Wade

Have movies and super heroes lulled us into a false sense of security when it comes to house fires?On screen, the good guys survive fires with ease and have time for dramatic rescues among the flames. In reality, between 2500 and 3000 Americans die in house fires every year mdash; a tremendous drop from the roughly 8000 who used to die annually,...

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Updated: Tuesday, January 23, 2018

PinRaise Agent of the Year: Da...
Earlier this year, PinRaise Inc. launched their innovative Agent with HeartTM Program, which...

Does It Makes Sense To Buy A N...
Youre interested in moving. You need to sell your old house first before buying a new one, r...

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