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Updated: Tuesday, April 24, 2018

New Bluehammer Empowers Agents in the Renovation Boom
Written By: Realty Times

When touring a home with a client, how often do they mention interest in making renovations of any size, and then ask you for cost estimates and advice? In the midst of a ldquo;renovation boom,rdquo; home buyers are actively seeking to either make repairs on their home for resale, or to make adjustments on a recently purchased home and itrsquo;s...

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Saying I Do To Your House Before Your Spouse: Heres What You Need to Know
Written By: Brandie Parton

A home of your own complete with a white picket fence, the realization of the "American Dream." If youre unmarried, though, you might feel this dream is out of your reach. After all, arent wedding bells supposed to proceed house hunting? Well, according to recent stats, there are many couples who are reversing the order of things and opting for ...

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Rent Burden On The Rise
Written By: PJ Wade

The world has changed and renting has changed right along with it.Renting has long been the traditional first-step toward home ownership and, in later life, a life>The latest Report by The Pew Charitable Trusts reveals that the lingering legacy of the 2007-09 Great Recession is more households making a slower transition to homeownership because ...

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Freshen Up Your Home With Spring And Summer Updates
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Updating your home can seem like a huge blank, especially if its been a while. But there are easier ways to freshen it up and make it look spring and summer ready that wont break the bank and wont create a long drawn out hassle. Each of the each of these updates represents a current trend and something you can pull off yourself this weekend if y...

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Dont Recarpet Your Home Before Reading This
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Getting new carpet can be pricey, but it sure does look great when its done If youre getting ready to lay down some new stuff, or at least researching your options, you may have a bit of sticker shock. But, there are ways to save if youre willing to do a bit of looking around and possibly even do some of the work yourself. These tips will give y...

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9 Home Improvements That Can Help and Hurt Value
Written By: Matt James

Home improvement can be taken as very demanding action, but there are also some ways of home improvement you can do yourself. Therefore, before you start with any, see what improvements are the most needed in your home. Nowadays, a big attraction is an energy-efficient home which saves a lot of energy and reduces energy costs. On the other hand,...

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Inside Tips On Outdoor Kitchens
Written By: Realty Times Staff

Outdoor kitchens make dining al fresco at home more appealing than ever. A rebounding trend in outdoor living reveals more and more properties feature outdoor kitchens that once were the province of only the very wealthy.Today, moving the homes indoor central meeting place outdoors creates an open-air living space thats both accessible and invit...

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Whats Wrong With Oklahoma?
Written By: Blanche Evans

As the two-week Oklahoma teachers strike ended last week, its clear that the rabidly red state has some serious problems, namely that oil money doesnt trickle down like economics are supposed to. Ignoring the benefits of its central location, >Take the wind industry, for example. Once on track to be the number one source of wind-generated energy...

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Get The Home You Want, Millennials: Smart Strategies For First-Time Homebuyers
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Hey, Millennials. Come on into the real estate market We really need you to buy some homes so we can keep chugging along. Oh, wait. Prices are rising and so are interest rates, plus inventory is scary low. Hmmm. Well, come on in anyway, wontcha?Its not easy to buy a home in a hot market where inventory remains at historic lows - and that covers ...

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Property Survey Always Wise, Often Required
Written By: Benny L. Kass

Question: At our settlement recently, a lawyer charged us 150 for a survey. When we questioned this charge, we were told it was a lenders requirement and we could do nothing about it. Just what is a survey?Answer: I hope the lawyer at least gave you a copy of the survey and fully explained it to you.It is important to distinguish between a surve...

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Ask the HOA Expert: Admendments To Governing Documents
Written By: Richard Thompson

Question: Recently, our HOA members approved substantial amendments to the governing documents which include:1. Sidewalks are now deemed common area even though the subdivision plat indicates that the sidewalks are located within a utility-and-sidewalk easement located on private lots.2. An HOA landscape easement was created over the front yard ...

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Buyer Love Letters Often Work; But They Can Backfire Too
Written By: Bob Hunt

In many areas of the country, housing inventory is low and competition among buyers is intense. When that happens, many buyers agents will encourage their clients to submit a cover letter - frequently referred to as a "love letter" -- along with their offer to purchase. Sometimes such letters are submitted -- in any kind of market -- in order to...

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Rising Land Values Threaten Viability Of Canadian Farms, Says Senate Report
Written By: Jim Adair

Rising farmland prices are putting the family farm in Canada at risk, as good farmland is being converted for residential and commercial development. A report by the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry says the purchase of farmland by non-agricultural interests, along with environmental issues and policies, demographic pressures and an ...

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Small Renovation, Big Hassle: How To Prepare For The Unknown When Buying A Home
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

"You never know whats behind the walls." This renovation mantra is so important and should be tattooed on the forearm of everyone about to embark on renovation or even small updates to their home.The horrific discovery of knob-and-tube electrical wiring masquerading as updated electrical in a 100-year-old home is a great plot point on House Hunt...

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Trend Alert: Big, Bold Floral Walls
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

If theres one thing you can count on, its that some type of floral pattern will always be in >But todays floral trends are a far cry from your grandmothers busy, tightly patterned situation. Instead, its all about big and bold, and the trend is hitting hard for those who want to make a statement on one wall, or more.This Ellie Cashman Design "dr...

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NAR, the DOJ and Procompetition
Written By: Blanche Evans

On June 5, 2018, NAR can make its case that ldquo;the breadth and depth of competition in the real estate and brokerage industryrdquo; at a public workshop held by the DOJ and Federal Trade Commission. Part of the strategy is to share a report by independent economist Frederk Flyer, PhD, titled Procompetitive Benefits of Policies Limiting Access...

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Preparing Your Child To Move
Written By: Realty Times Staff

Children respond to the general atmosphere set in the home by the attitudes of their parents. If you look at moving as an exciting adventure full of new possibilities, then chances are very good that you will infect your children with enthusiasm and anticipation.Many times we forget that making more money or moving to a larger home is not a chan...

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How To Maintain Those Fancy Countertops
Written By: Realty Times Staff

Todays luxury countertops are easy to sell - they are beautiful and durable. Materials such as granite, solid surfaces, and ceramic tiles are making a statement not only about home fashion, but about easy maintenance. But beauty lasts only as long as proper care. Good fabricators will tell you how to clean and maintain your surfaces, but even th...

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Updated: Tuesday, April 24, 2018

New Bluehammer Empowers Agents...
When touring a home with a client, how often do they mention interest in making renovations ...

Saying I Do To Your House Befo...
A home of your own complete with a white picket fence, the realization of the "American Drea...

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Here’s the scenario….. You are thinking about moving or making improvements...

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